Why use a Financial Planner?

“I want clients to benefit from my advice, net of costs…”


  • Up to date technical guidance from an experienced, qualified professional
  • Identify problems.  Provide goals and solutions
  • Help prioritize
  • Monitor assets, cashflow, and personal circumstances
  • Encourage you to complete the planning
  • Help prevent financial mistakes
  • Save money with tax planning

Investments (including Personal Pensions)

  • Long term investments should provide greater returns than money placed on deposit
  • Guidance when markets have fallen and you may not be in profit
  • Some clarity in a complex world
  • Over 20 years experience dealing with companies that sell investment and insurance products
  • Up to 90 hours per year keeping up to date with legal, regulatory and budget changes
  • Monitoring product development and product provider evolution


  • Guide you through steps involved in buying a house
  • Search UK lenders for the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances
  • Find the best interest rates in light of other costs and charges
  • Guidance through products on offer, enabling you to make a considered choice


  • Protect you and your family from financial hardship
  • Guide you through technical complexities of insurance
  • Search the market for Insurers with a reputation for treating customers well and paying claims
  • Find competitive prices
  • Help you avoid cover that is inappropriate or insufficient