Investment Bond 2019

The columns show the ratio of profit to lump sum investment for nine different clients. Client one invested in 1994, two in 1996, three in 1999,  four in 2002, five in 2005, six in 2008, seven in 2011, eight in 2014 and client nine in 2017.  Performance relates to one particular fund managed by one major UK investment provider. Brown shows amount invested.  Yellow shows accrued profit … Read more

Davids ISA 2019

Background 10/03/2019– This is my Stocks & Shares ISA consisting of over 30 managed funds.  I charge the ISA 3% on each contribution plus 0.5% per annum of fund value for an “investment performance review”.  The orange line shows value after costs and the blue line gross contributions.  Everyone’s ISA will perform differently depending on funds … Read more

Budget 2018

How much income can you receive before paying tax 2018/19 – £11,850 2019/20 – £12,500 you start to lose this allowance when annual income exceeds £100,000  How much income can you receive before paying higher rate tax (40%)? 2018/19 – £46,350 2019/20 – £50,000 ISA contribution limits The annual ISA limit will remain at £20,000 for 2019/20 The … Read more